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Westfalia is committed to the quality and reliability of all of our products

Flexible Help

Regional Service Technicians

Regional Technicians support multiple customers in close proximity, allowing for a quick response time in emergency situations and flexible scheduling capability. Additional benefits include:

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  • Local technicians outfitted with the necessary tools and training to fully service their region, responding as quickly as possible to a customer request.

  • Regional service supervision, providing direct interaction with local customers

  • Rolling maintenance concept based on lean principles – reduce overhead and allow for shorter downtime windows for planned service work

  • Frequent onsite presence allows for fast turnaround of corrective measures

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  • Decentralized customer account management to allow for more flexibility and quicker response time

Safety and operational efficiencies of an automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) is fueled by proactive efforts. As a result of the right blend of preventative measures and training, an AS/RS will continue to run well into the future just as smoothly as it did at first installation. Although your AS/RS can generate ROI in nearly five years, proper service and maintenance further maximize this investment and can lead to a system lifespan of 25+ years -- lowering the total cost of ownership and providing long-term operational efficiencies.

24/7 Support

Westfalia offers comprehensive Aftermarket services including a 24/7 parts and support hotline, preventive maintenance programs, inspection packages, individualized spare parts management, and numerous options for scheduling planned maintenance. Services also include Aftermarket projects for modifications and modernizations of existing systems, to further extend and expand the value of the original investment.


Westfalia employs trained in-house service technicians for every service need, strategically organized into Regional, Resident and Roaming Technicians.

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Customer Focused

Aftermarket approach

Our decentralized, customer focused Aftermarket approach requires use of established standards to ensure consistent quality and efficiency throughout....

Local Help

Resident Service Technicians

Westfalia’s Resident Technicians are dedicated to singular customers, shortening any potential downtime window and providing the highest degree of flexibility and involvement. Additional benefits include

  • Complete focus on a single customer

  • Schedule can be adjusted on a daily basis

  • Tightest relationship between a customer and the Westfalia team

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"Roaming" Service Technicians

Westfalia’s Roaming Technicians are located throughout the U.S. and are available to complement our Regional and Resident Technicians as needed. This is especially suited for those customers who are not geographically tied to an existing WTI service region.

The Westfalia team works closely with customer operations and maintenance groups to identify the best opportunities for scheduled inspections and maintenance needs for their system.


If you are experiencing a service emergency, please contact our team at 717-764-1115

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