Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled warehousing solutions by earning the trust of our customers, understanding their business needs and honoring the commitments we make.

Over 50 years

Committed to warehouse automation

For over 50 years Westfalia has been committed to innovating and implementing logistical solutions utilizing Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

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My job allows me to work with many different departments throughout the company on a variety of projects. I also love the team that I work with in the marketing department! I believe that having a great team that you can bond with both in and outside of work is key to loving your job.

Morgan Walker
Marketing Communications Manager

I enjoy working with potential customers to improve their operations by recommending a material handling solution that provides the best value to their organization. I really love that moment when a prospect company realizes that a Westfalia solution is the perfect fit for their challenges.

Borja Salanova
Sr. Sales Consultant

Originally founded in 1971 in Borgholzhausen, Germany, Westfalia-WFT-Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Westfalia Germany) has played an important role in shaping warehouse logistics and automation around the world. In 1979, Westfalia Germany installed the first fully automated storage system in a brewery in Herford Germany, Herforder-Pils, which is still in operation today using all original equipment. In 1983, Westfalia's Satellite® storage system was developed and revolutionized pallet handling technology. Since then, the equipment design has been refined and evolved into the patented Satellite® family of systems. In 1992, Westfalia Technologies, Inc. was established as an independant company bringing the European-designed line of AS/RS equipment and technology to the North and South American markets. The two companies are now affiliated as "sister companies" and are both leading providers of logistics solutions for plants, warehouses and distribution centers.