At Westfalia, We are

Investing in the Future

Much like the benefits we provide to our customers in the world of automation, Westfalia knows how important it is to invest in the future. We believe the payback from increased employee engagement and overall happiness is well worth the investment for a more prosperous future.

Value-based Corporate Culture

The 5 E’s of Westfalia's Culture

  • No one wants to be so overwhelmed with their job that it starts to affect their personal or family life. At Westfalia, this means being more flexible with work hours. Each manager structures their department uniquely, allowing for flexibility in hours and even the opportunity for their employees to work from home if requested.

  • At Westfalia, we want our employees to get involved, start the conversation, and feel empowered to take risks and make independent decisions. We “flipped the pyramid” and focus on making sure that our employees are properly equipped to support their customers, internally and externally, first. A company is only as good as its employees and we ensure that our management is properly educated through leadership and communications coaching to be able to lead their individual departments.

  • A healthy work relationship between co-workers and the opportunity to engage with employees outside of your immediate department not only fosters a positive work environment, it also helps promote growth within the organization.

    At Westfalia, we value open and honest communication among all employees and give each person an equal opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise. This belief also expands beyond just daily “work tasks.” Throughout the year, our employee-run committees plan a variety of events and activities to help boost employee engagement by providing opportunities to step away from the desk and have fun. These activities include: wear color days, charity drives, interdepartmental challenges, safety trainings, Lunch and Learns, Employee Appreciation Day, annual End-of-the-Year Celebration and more!

  • Westfalia continues to actively take steps toward progressing and growing our company into the future. We are welcoming Millennials and Gen Zers to our workforce and not shying away from the inevitable change that will bring. We’ve implemented behavioral assessments focusing on workplace behaviors and communication styles, ensuring that each new employee understands how they will fit into the existing culture at Westfalia, and also that the company has a better idea of how the employee will handle various situations.

  • Social health and the understanding that sometimes people need to take a mental break to perform better is welcomed at Westfalia! In order to have a workplace conducive to feedback and teamwork, Westfalia has recently completed an expansion and remodel of our building in York, PA. The new design includes open work spaces, additional collaboration and meeting spaces, and even more areas to relax and socialize.

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Our Culture and Events

Building Trust and

Honoring our Commitments

Since 1992, the word TRUST has been at our core; trust in our people, our products and our services. Earning this trust is not only based on the solutions we provide, but also on honoring the commitments we make to each other and to our customers.

We are committed

To Our Employees

Westfalia was built on a set of core values: committed people and products that stand the test of time.

Our business is about solving problems for customers and building successful relationships, even partnerships, with each of our customers. These relationships are hard work and take a special group of people to help forge them. To our employees:

  • We will be clear on our expectations
  • We will hold each other accountable
  • We will share accurate information
  • We will deal with issues directly, openly and honestly
  • We will provide opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • We will provide you with the materials you need to do your job well

We are committed

To Our Customers

Through continuous improvements to our products and solutions, we are dedicated to being a valued partner and an industry leader in warehouse automation.

The word ‘partnership’ is a key element within the Westfalia culture. Through our commitment to our customer’s success, we strive to be an active partner in every stage of the project: planning, design, manufacturing, installation, testing, training, commissioning, and service. We understand that each project is unique, that is why the Westfalia Team will put in the hard work and analysis to ensure that your automation project contains the right amount of automation and is designed to meet your growing business needs. To our customers:

  • Our products will meet your specific business needs
  • We will serve your needs quickly and efficiently with a smile on our face
  • We will communicate with you openly and honestly
  • Our products will stand the test of time

We are committed

To Our Industry

We are committed to delivering on our promises.

  • We will strive for continuous improvement of our products and solutions
  • We will limit the negative environmental impact of industrialization through warehouse optimization
  • We will lead by example

Our Mission:

To deliver unparalleled warehousing solutions by earning the trust of our customers, understanding their business needs, and honoring the commitments we make.

Our Vision:

We are committed to being a world leader in warehouse optimization. Our company and our products will stand the test of time.