May 05 2021 |Written By bluefish

Tech for the SKU crunch

Article by Heather Landi, contributing editor, BeverageWorld

{image_1}In a recent article published by BeverageWorld, Aaron Corcoran, account executive at Westfalia Technologies, provides insight about how automation can help companies, especially in the beverage industry.

The article points out that the beverage industry is faced with the challenges of SKU proliferation, which makes managing and storing inventory difficult, resulting in added cost. The added cost from this challenge are the results of missed deliveries, out of stock items and picking errors.

Corcoran is quoted stating, “Even-smaller sized distributors that have recently made acquisitions could benefit from automation technology as it allows them to absorb more volume and maximize their existing warehouse space.” Coupling automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) with a warehouse execution system (WES), Corcoran adds, “Westfalia Technologies’ Savanna.NET® WMS warehouse control system can be implemented in any size operation and its advantages include optimizing material flow for more efficient use of warehouse space, increased order accuracy and increased throughput.”

To combat the SKU challenges, distributors are looking to make operational changes to accommodate for growth and increase profits. Warehouse automation technology can help overcome these challenges and position organizations to operate more efficiently and cut costs.

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