The Essential Ingredient

Customer satisfaction and trust is an essential ingredient for the food industry. Food manufacturers and distributors refining operations rely on product quality, product freshness and reliability in order to remain competitive.

Food safety is a challenge for many manufacturers and distributors in a food warehouse. In order to mitigate recalls and their detrimental effects, many companies are turning to automation. An automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS), utilizing a warehouse execution system (WES), is one of the chief technologies making waves in an effort to reduce, if not prevent, recalls using real-time inventory insight. The high-speed nature of an AS/RS increases the speed that products are moved in and out of the warehouse, preventing spoilage.

In addition to ensuring safety and brand reputation, automated food warehousing provides many long-term advantages to overall warehouse operations – from reducing costs and increasing inventory accuracies, to boosting productivity and optimizing material flow.

Since the installation of the AS/RS system, we have been able to complete full pallet orders with greater efficiency than ever before with fewer physical demands on our warehouse staff. Based on the safety and efficiency gains achieved, we are considering similar systems for our other bakery.

Tony Martin | Vice President

Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.