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Traditional self-storage facilities face many challenges, including security concerns, access issues, and limited space. Westfalia’s automated self-storage systems (ASSS) overcome these obstacles while maximizing storage space for urban areas.

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Fully Automated Self-Storage Systems

Storage space is at a premium and Westfalia is dedicated to making self-storage simpler, more efficient and cost effective for our clients!

Our self-storage systems typically consist of automation hardware and software and hundreds of storage containers stored on racks. The hardware is based on the same technology as our Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) that has been successfully implemented in warehouses and DCs across the globe for over 50 years.

Westfalia’s Warehouse Execution System (WES) software, Savanna.NET®, automatically tracks the location of every container in the facility, when each container was last accessed and any other valuable metrics so our clients don’t have to. When a customer needs access to their storage container, the system delivers it to the display area, the customer loads or unloads it, and the system returns the storage container to the rack. Simple as that.

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Benefits of Automated Self-Storage

  • Westfalia’s automated self-storage systems provide anytime access to storage containers, with continuous monitoring for security and peace of mind. The facility can be climate controlled, eliminating potential damage from temperature fluctuations and humidity.

    Customers dislike storage locations that are on high floors, far from the elevators or in dark corners. With an automated self-storage system, customers no longer have to worry about shared elevators, hauling belongings down long hallways, or security concerns. Every storage container is equally accessible and conveniently delivered right to the customer in a display area.

  • Each storage container can store up to 6,000 pounds of goods and our experienced team can customize pod and storage container size to meet our clients’ needs. Our automated self-storage system stacks up to 15 levels high and can accommodate 40 to 100 ft. tall structures, dramatically increasing your rentable square footage.

  • At Westfalia, our team works with you to custom-design your automated storage system to fit your facility, so you achieve maximum rentable square feet. Our self-storage design team understands your industry, and we can offer a complete turnkey system, including design, installation, racks, storage containers and software.

    • Every storage container is equally accessible and delivered right to the customer on the display area.
    • Every storage container is in a prime space next to the display area —so you aren’t forced to discount some units due to an undesirable location.
    • Our automated self-storage systems use Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System Software for the storage and retrieval of the storage container. This self-storage management software tracks and records all activity for you, so you have complete records of every action as they happen.
    • User smartphone App can be used to retrieve storage containers, letting users know the delivery time and location of their storage container.

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