Westfalia is the highest quality automation and order fulfillment solution provider for manufacturers and regional distributors looking to optimize their warehouse operations

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 At Westfalia, we specialize in order fulfillment solutions utilizing warehouse automation technologies and robotics - like our automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS).

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Intelligent warehouse automation can solve critical industry challenges, providing added reliability and flexibility to enable future growth while simultaneously overcoming current market challenges. Thanks to the data-centric approach of our Solutions and Design team, we are sure to find an automation solution that works for your needs. Our team will work with you to implement automation to optimize your end-to-end operations.

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Customized, high-density storage systems

Our automated solutions are designed to organize inventory, optimize space and increase efficiency in any warehousing and distribution operation.

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we offer a full range of

Automated warehousing and distribution solutions

  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems

  • Automated Picking Solutions (Layer and Case)

  • Inbound receiving and production interface solutions

  • Outbound staging solutions

Key Benefits of Westfalia’s Automated Warehousing Systems

  • Designing a high-density, multiple deep AS/RS to fit our client’s mix of fast- to slow-moving products is nothing new to Westfalia. Our flexible designs are able to store pallets in multiple deep lanes from 2-18 positions deep, allowing the generation of efficient storage designs existing in “low-bay” warehouses as well as new rack supported structures up to 140’ high.

    Benefits of a high-density storage solution:

    • Eliminate unusable space and height restrictions while increasing lane depths when appropriate.
    • Increase storage capacity and throughput using less space.
    • Allow for high-volume FIFO rotation.
    • Are more flexible by combining varying storage lane depths and order selection activities within the rack structure.
    • With an easy-to-use interface and flexible to your needs, we are confident that our software solution is the best on the market. Our Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) features a simplified fault recovery and visualization tool, Firefly. Firefly offers a colorful user interface with real-time insights and unique views of operations. Along with the flexibility to integrate with your pre-existing systems and functionality customized to your needs, Savanna.NET® gives you total control of inventory.

    • It's no secret that pallet quality has been deteriorating, and two rails of support are oftentimes not enough for large palletized loads. That's why we decided to provide a third rail for industries that handle heavy pallet loads to avoid deflection for common wood and plastic pallet brands. The third rail enhances both safety and reliability within our systems, while simultaneously reducing pallet and inventory damages

    • As a vertically integrated company, we have complete control over the design and production of our equipment and systems. Made and manufactured in the United States and a completely in-house production and design process, we are sure to produce an automation warehousing and distribution solution that is customized for your specific needs. From initial contact all the way through aftermarket services, our team is dedicated to the continuous reliability of your automated system. In fact, the typical life cycles of our AS/RSs boast 25+ years!

    • The 24/7 tracking and tracing of product throughout the storage process will:

      • Enable business growth and workforce flexibility
      • Improve labor productivity and increase labor savings
      • Increase order accuracy and delivery times
      • Lower operating, labor and energy costs. Simply put, automation is an investment that will benefit any company's bottom line. Many of our customers see a payback with warehouse automation in five years or less, with long-term IRR’s exceeding 20%.

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