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Westfalia is the top automation supplier of manufacturing warehouse optimization and automated parking solutions. Our automated solutions are developed in-house and all controlled by our Savanna.NET® software suite.

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Our goal is to design the BEST automated system to meet the needs of our customers while accommodating for future growth...and we guarantee, OUR SYSTEMS WORK!

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We not only build the RIGHT SOLUTION to solve your specific challenges, we also build PARTNERSHIPS that last for the life of the system.

Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that each of our customers are an active partner in every stage of the process: from data analysis and design, to engineering and manufacturing, to installation and commissioning, and aftermarket service/support. We request early involvement and collective buy-in every step of the way to be able to design the best solution for your specific and unique business goals.

Intelligent Warehouse Design

Driven By Data Analysis

A data analysis consultation with Westfalia is Fast, Free and Painless! What sets Westfalia apart are our data analysis tools.

Learn how to Prepare for Automation with Data Analysis

We care about the “why” behind your automation investment and strive for each of our customers to come away from a meeting with rich information about how automation can help achieve your business goals. With a simple sampling of your order history and item lists, we can provide an in-depth, fresh look into how your business operates. Our team of automation experts then uses this data to find practical solutions to any material handling challenges.

From visualizing SKU churn on a day-to-day basis to a 3D simulation of a modernized layer picking solution, Westfalia’s dedicated team of professionals will work with customer data and provide a logical reasoning behind the designed solution. It comes as no surprise that Westfalia customers always say that they learn something new about their business after reviewing the data analysis.

Why choose Westfalia as

Your Order Fulfillment Partner

Westfalia understands that every business has their own unique business processes, so a “one-size-fits-all” system is not optimal.

Our design, solutions and engineering teams will design you a system with the RIGHT AMOUNT of automation by tailoring each order fulfillment solution to the customer’s specific needs. Westfalia’s team of experts are prepared to guide you through each step in your journey to automation.

We know that change can be intimidating, and that is why building a strong partnership with our customers is important. Westfalia experts are involved early in system planning, having frequent conversations, collecting and swapping data sets, preparing any existing workforce, and ensuring a collective buy-in decision.

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